Lectures "Quantum theory of magnetism"

Lecture 1. About the lecture course [slides]
Lecture 2. Introduction, Magnetic susceptibility; Dia-, para-, ferro- and antiferromagnetism [slides]
Lecture 3. Dipole-dipole interaction, Bohr-van Leeuwen theorem; Hund's rules, Spin-orbit coupling [slides]

Magnetism of free ions
Lecture 4. Hund's rules, Spin-orbit coupling; Atomic diamagnetism [slides]
Lecture 5.1 Van Vleck paramagnetism  [slides]

Non-interacting ions in a crystal
Lecture 5.2 Spherical and cubic harmonics. Crystal-field splitting [slides]
Lecture 6. Application of group theory to the crystal-field problems [slides]
Lecture 7. Jahn-Teller effect [slides]
Lecture 8. Hund's rules breaking. Spin-state transitions. Quenching of the orbital moment [slides]
Lecture 9. Curie law. Paramagnetism of 3d transition metals compounds [slides]

Correlation effects in solids
Lecture 10. Second quantization [slides]
Lecture 11. Strong electronic correlations, Mott insulators, Hubbard model [slides]
Lecture 12. Different types of Hubbard models, approximate solutions of Hubbard model, Stoner model [slides]
Lecture 13. Mean-field approximation for Hubbard model [slides]

Heisenberg model 
Lecture 14. Heisenberg model and its derivation.  [slides]
Lecture 15. Other spin models. Connection between Heisenberg and Hubbard models. GKA rules. [slides]
Lecture 16. Superexchange, double exchange [slides]

Different methods to solve Heisenberg model
Lecture 17. Magnetic spirals, Luttinger-Tisza method [slides]
Lecture 18. Mean-field approximation for Heisenberg model [slides]
Lecture 19. Spin-wave theory for FM. Mermin-Wagner theorem [slides]
Lecture 20. Spin-wave theory for AFM [slides]

Low dimensional magnetism
Lecture 21. Dimers. Spin gap. Ising chains. [slides] 
Lecture 22. AFM S=1/2 Heisenberg chain. Haldane chains. Square Ising lattice. [slides] 
Lecture 23. Frustrations. Spin ice. Magnetic monopoles. [slides] 
Lecture 24A. Order by disorder. [slides] 

Itinerant electrons magnetism
Lecture 24B. Fermi-gas. Pauli paramagnetism. Screening of Coulomb interaction in metals. [slides] 
Lecture 25. Fermi liquid. Linear response theory. Lindhard's susceptibility. Nesting. [slides]