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Publication list: 2011-2015

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30. Spin state transition in CaFeSi2O6 and NaFeSi2O6 under pressure,
S.V. Streltsov and N.A. Skorikov
Phys. Rev. B 83, 214407 (2011) [pdf]

31. Dielectric properties and magnetostriction of the collinear multiferroic spinel CdV2O4
G. Giovannetti, A. Stroppa, S. Picozzi, D. Balldomir, V. Pardo, S. Blanco-Canosa, F. Rivadulla, S. Jodlauk , D. Niermann, J. Rohrkamp, T. Lorenz,  
S. Streltsov, D.I. Khomskii, and J. Hemberger,
Phys. Rev. B 83, 060402(R) (2011) [pdf]

32. Light scattering by electrons and renormalization of the electron spectrum in osmium
Yu. S. Ponosov , S. V. Streltsov
Journal of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (JETP Letters) 94, 398 (2011) [pdf]
Письма в ЖЭТФ 94, 472 (2011) [pdf]

33. Crystal field splitting in correlated systems with the negative charge-tranfer gap,
A.V. Ushakov, S.V. Streltsov, and D.I. Khomskii
J. Phys. Cond.: Matter 23, 445601 (2011) [pdf]

34. Peierls Mechanism of the Metal-Insulator Transition in Ferromagnetic Hollandite K2Cr8O16
T. Toriyama, A. Nakao, Y. Yamaki, H. Nakao, Y. Murakami, K. Hasegawa,M. Isobe,
Y. Ueda, A.V. Ushakov, D. I. Khomskii, S. V. Streltsov, T. Konishi, and Y. Ohta
Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 266402 (2011) [pdf]

35. Optical phonon self-energies in titanium phases: effects of electron-phonon interaction
Yu.S. Ponosov , S.V. Streltsov, and K. Syassen
High Pressure Research IFirst, 1-7 (2011) [pdf]

36. Electric field control of the magnetic chiralities in ferroaxial multiferroic RbFe(MoO4)2
A. J. Hearmon, F. Fabrizi, L.C. Chapon, R. D. Johnson, D. Prabhakaran, S. V. Streltsov, P. J. Brown, P. G. Radaelli 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 237201 (2012) [pdf

37. Magnetic susceptibility of Ce: an LDA+DMFT study,
S.V. Streltsov, E. Gull, A.O. Shorikov, M. Troyer, V.I. Anisimov, and P. Werner
Phys. Rev. B 85, 195109 (2012) [pdf

38. Electronic Raman scattering in metals: effects of electron-phonon coupling,
Yu.S. Ponosov and S.V. Streltsov
Phys. Rev. B  86, 045138 (2012) [pdf]

39. Theoretical prediction of Jahn-Teller distortions and orbital ordering in Cs2CuCl2Br2,
S.V. Streltsov and D.I. Khomskii
Phys. Rev. B 86, 035109 (2012) [pdf]

40. Unconventional magnetism as a consequence of the charge disproportionation and the molecular orbital formation in Ba4Ru3O10,
S.V. Streltsov and D.I. Khomskii
Phys. Rev. B 86, 064429 (2012) [pdf]

41. Spin-state transition, magnetism and local crystal structure in Eu1-xCaxCoO3-δ,
A.N. Vasiliev, T.M. Vasilchikova, O.S. Volkova, A.A. Kamenev, A.R. Kaul, T.G. Kuzmova, D.M. Tsymbarenko, 
K.A. Lomachenko, A.V. Soldatov, S.V. Streltsov, J.-Y. Lin, C.N. Kao, J.M. Chen,  M. Abdel-Hafiez, A.U.B. Wolter, and R. Klingeler
J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 82044714 (2013) [pdf]

42. Thermopower of different phases and states of Silicon at high pressure,
V. V. Shchennikov, Vs. V. Shchennikov, S.V. Streltsov, I.V. Korobeynikov, S.V. Ovsyannikov
Journal of Electronic Materials 42, 2249 (2013)

43. Interplay between lattice, orbital, and magnetic degrees of freedom in the chain-polymer Cu(II) breathing crystals,
S.V. Streltsov, M.V. Petrova, V.A. Morozov, G.V. Romanenko, V.I. Anisimov, and N.N. Lukzen 
Phys. Rev. B 87, 024425 (2013) [pdf]

44. Q-dependent light scattering by electrons in LaB6
Yu. S. Ponosov , S. V. Streltsov
JETP Letters 97, 447 (2013)
Письма в ЖЭТФ 97, 517 (2013) [pdf]

45. Magnetic moment suppression in Ba3CoRu2O9: Hybridization effect
S.V. Streltsov
Phys. Rev. B 88, 024429 (2013) [pdf]

46. Ab initio investigation of the exchange interactions in Bi2Fe4O9: The Cairo pentagonal lattice compound
Z.V. Pchelkina and S.V. Streltsov
Phys. Rev. B 88, 054424 (2013) [pdf]

47. Effect of Eu doping and partial oxygen isotope substitution on magnetic phase transitions in (Pr1-yEuy)0.7Ca0.3CoO3 cobaltites ,
N.A. Babushkina, A.N. Taldenkov, S.V. Streltsov, T.G. Kuzmova, A.A. Kamenev, A.R. Kaul, D.I. Khomskii and K.I. Kugel 
JETP 118, 266 (2014)
ЖЭТФ 145, 306 (2014) [pdf]

48. The nature of the ferromagnetic ground state in the Mn4 molecular magnet.
S.V. Streltsov, Z.V. Pchelkina, D.I. Khomskii, N.A. Skorikov, A.O. Anokhin, Yu.N. Shvachko, M.A. Korotin, V.I. Anisimov, V.V. Ustinov
Phys. Rev. B 89, 014427 (2014) [pdf]

49. Orbital structure and magnetic ordering in stoichiometric and doped crednerite CuMnO2 .
A.V. Ushakov, S.V. Streltsov, D.I. Khomskii
Phys. Rev. B 89, 024406 (2014) [pdf] 

50. Valence bond liquid phase in the honeycomb lattice material Li2RuO3
S.A.J. KimberI.I. Mazin, J. Shen, H.O. Jeschke, S.V. Streltsov, D.N. Argyriou, R. Valenti, D. I. Khomskii
Phys. Rev. B 89, 081408(R) (2014) [pdf]

51. Magnetic phase diagram and first principles study of Pb3TeCo3V2O14
M.M. Markina, B.V. Mill, E.A. Zvereva, A.V. Ushakov, S.V. Streltsov, and A.N. Vasiliev
Phys. Rev. B 89, 104409 (2014) [pdf]

52. Orbital-dependent singlet dimers and orbital-selective Peierls transitions in transition metal compounds
S.V. Streltsov, and D.I. Khomskii
Phys. Rev. B 89, 161112(R) (2014) [pdf]

53. Jahn-Teller distortions and charge, orbital and magnetic orders in NaMn7O12
S.V. Streltsov, and D.I. Khomskii
Phys. Rev. B  89, 201115(R) (2014) [pdf]

54. Thermodynamic properties, electron spin resonance and underlying spin model in Cu3Y(SeO3)2O2Cl
K.V. Zakharov, E.A. Zvereva, P.S. Berdonosov, E.S. Kuznetsova, V.A. Dolgikh, Z.V. Pchelkina, S.V. Streltsov, O.S. Volkova, and A.N. Vasiliev
Phys. Rev. B 90, 214417(R) (2014)

55. Lattice-Tuning Magnetism of Ru4+(4d4) Ions in Single-Crystal Honeycomb Li2RuO3 and Na2RuO3: A Comparison to Honeycomb Iridates
J. C. Wang, J. Terzic, T. F. Qi, Feng Ye, S. J. Yuan, S. Aswartham, S.V. Streltsov, D. I. Khomskii, R. K. Kaul and G. Cao 
Phys. Rev. B. 90, 161110(R) (2014) [pdf]

56. Two-step antiferromagnetic transition and moderate triangular frustration in Li2Co(WO4)2
I. Panneer Muthuselvam, R. Sankar, A. V. Ushakov, G. Narsinga Rao, Sergey V. Streltsov and F. C. Chou
Phys. Rev. B 90, 174430 (2014) [pdf]

57. Orbital-selective behavior in Y5Mo2O12 and (Cd,Zn)V2O4
S.V. Streltsov 
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 383, 27 (2015) [pdf]

58. Ruthenium-Europium configuration in the Eu2Ru2O7 pyrochlore 
S. Muñoz Pérez, R. Cobas, J. M. Cadogan, J. Albino Aguiar, S. Streltsov, and X. Obradors
J. App. Phys. 117, 17C702 (2015)  [pdf]

59. Magnetostriction and ferroelectric state in AgCrS2
S.V. Streltsov, A.I. Poteryaev, and A.N. Rubtsov
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 27, 165601 (2015) [pdf]

60. Electronic structure of Li2RuO3 studied by LDA+DMFT calculations and soft X-ray spectroscopy
Z.V. Pchelkina, A.L. Pitman, A. Moewes, E.Z. Kurmaev, Teck-Yee Tan, D. Peets, Je-Geun Park, S.V. Streltsov
Phys. Rev. B  91115138 (2015) [pdf]

61. Spin-orbital interaction for face-sharing octahedra: realization of highly symmetric SU(4) model
K.I. Kugel, D.I. Khomskii, A.O. Sboychakov, and S.V. Streltsov
Phys. Rev. B 91,155125 (2015) [pdf]

62. Calculation of the exchange constants of the Heisenberg model in the plane-wave based methods using the Green's function approach
Dm.M. Korotin, V.V. Mazurenko, V.I. Anisimov, and S.V. Streltsov
Phys. Rev. B 91224405 (2015) [pdf]

63. Electronic Raman scattering in graphite and single-layer and few-layer graphene
Yu.S. Ponosov, A.V. Ushakov and S.V. Streltsov 
Phys. Rev. B 91, 195435 (2015) [pdf]

64. Phase stability of alpha- gamma- and epsilon-Ce: DFT+DMFT study 
A.O. Shorikov, S.V. Streltsov, M.A. Korotin , V.I. Anisimov
JETP Lett. 102, 616 (2015) [pdf]
Письма в ЖЭТФ 102, 701 (2015)

65. Coexisting charge and magnetic orders in the dimer-chain iridate Ba5AlIr2O11 
J. Terzic, J. C. Wang, Feng Ye, W. H. Song, S. J. Yuan, S. Aswartham, L. E. DeLong, S.V. Streltsov, D.I. Khomskii, G. Cao
Phys. Rev. B 91, 235147 (2015) [pdf]

66. Localized itinerant electrons and unique magnetic properties of SrRu2O6 
S. Streltsov, I.I. Mazin, K. Foyevtsova
Phys. Rev. B 92, 134408 (2015) [pdf]

67. Electronic Raman and the electron-phonon interaction in YB6
Yu.S. Ponosov, A.A. Makhnev, S.V. Streltsov, V.B. Filippov, N.Yu. Shytsivalova
JETP Lett. 102, 503 (2015) [pdf]
Письма в ЖЭТФ 102, 565 (2015)

68. Successive spin orderings of tungstate-bridged Li2Ni(WO4)of spin 1
I.P. Muthuselvam, R. Sankar, A.V. Ushakov, W.T. Chen, G.N. Rao, S.V. Streltsov, S.K. Karna, L. Zhao, M.-K. Wu and F. C. Chou
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 27, 456001 (2015) [pdf]
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