Quantum theory of magnetism


Lecture 0. About the lecture course [slides]

Lecture 1. Introduction, Magnetic susceptibility; Dia-, para-, ferro- and antiferromagnetism [slides]

Lecture 2. Dia-, para-, ferro- and antiferromagnetism, dipole-dipole interaction, Bohr-van Leeuwen theorem [slides]

Magnetism of free ions

Lecture 3. Spin, orbital, and total moments. Hund's rules, spin-orbit coupling, atomic diamagnetism [slides]

Lecture 4. Atomic diamagnetism, Pascal constants, Van Vleck paramagnetism [slides]

Magnetism of ions in a crystal

Lecture 4. Spherical and cubic harmonics, crystal-field splitting in a nut shell [slides]

Lecture 5. Group theory in a nutshell, its application for crystal-fields (not for exam) [slides]

Lecture 6. The Jahn-Teller effect, txE and txT problems [slides]

Lecture 7. Intra-atomic exchange interaction, spin-state transitions, orbital moment quenching [slides]

Lecture 8. Curie law, Brillouin function, imprtance of orbital moment quenching [slides]